FaceGym’s Top Black Friday Skincare Picks

Tired skin, dark circles and a dull complexion, sound familiar? With the stresses of daily life - 6am spin classes, juggling a 9-6 (7 - 10?) work schedule plus, fitting in time for family and friends, it’s little wonder our skin starts to suffer and show the signs of our stress. We all could do with a helping hand when it comes to keeping our skin glowing and muscles lifted so, we’re giving you our teams’ top picks when it comes to solving some of your most common skin concerns. Plus, they’re all in our Black Friday skincare deal so you can save 20% too.


Founder Inge's Pick:

Hyaluronic Roller

"I’m all about achieving total regeneration when it comes to my skin and my main concern is keeping my skin looking lifted, firm and glowing, all whilst stimulating collagen production. Our Hyaluronic Roller uses thousands and thousands of micro crystals, crystallized with hyaluronic acid and peptides. This generates warmth and creates micro injuries which seriously stimulates collagen and allows the hyaluronic acid to penetrate deep in the skin. As a mum who is always looking for ways to save time, this tool means that I can run my own mini morning bootcamp and encourage cellular rejuvenation, all before the school run! That’s some serious multi-tasking."

hyaluronic roller facegym


New Product Development Director Phillipa's Pick:


"I’m obsessed with our new and innovative electric microneedling device, Faceshot™! Having a little one, I can struggle with my skin looking tired and my concern is to prevent premature aging. Faceshot™ reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and completely revitalises my skin, all whilst unclogging my pores and giving me that healthy holiday glow, which is a miracle to say we’re approaching the British Winter! To look this good with a one-year-old is all thanks to Faceshot™ and I’ll certainly be continuing to use this as we dive into party season."


CEO Simon's Pick:

FaceGym Pro

"When I need to supercharge my face and tighten and tone my muscles, I turn to our brilliant FaceGym Pro. This heavyweight tool, paired with our collagen infusion serum leaves me feeling like I’ve simply pressed refresh on my face. As the CEO of FaceGym, I struggle with finding time for skincare and my main concerns are strengthening my muscles and boosting my skin’s appearance, especially in winter. The Pro takes just 5 minutes for each side which is perfect for my busy schedule and means that I can HIIT it before my first meeting."

facegym pro ems device


UK National Training Manager Sophie's Pick:

Medi Lift

"My main concern as we head into Winter is to prevent my skin from looking dull and lack-lustre. The FaceGym Medi Lift is AMAZING for boosting circulation and leaving my face looking lifted, brighter and revitalised. With a super busy schedule, I’m able to transform my skin within just 10 minutes. Plus, it’s certainly a conversation starter, I’ll definitely be putting it on at my Christmas parties!"



US National Training Manager Maddie's Pick


"My main skincare concern is puffiness and I tend to wake up holding water retention in my face. The Multi-Sculpt tool is amazing for aiding lymphatic drainage, soothing and cooling my skin and releasing any tension in my jaw. In just 3 minutes of workout moves, I have a more sculpted and lifted appearance and feel any build up instantly drain from my face. It’s part of my morning routine which I now can’t wake up without. My top tip? Keep your Multi-Sculpt in the fridge overnight so it’s super-soothing and cooling first thing!"

multi-sculpt sculpting tool


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