How To Get Smooth Skin

Uneven skin texture is one of those annoying complaints that’s hard to pinpoint the best solution for smoothing out the problem. How smooth your skin looks and feels is a result of many different things – slow skin cell turnover, scarring, enlarged pores, sun damage and a lax skincare routine are among the biggest culprits. 

Yet, the glossy skin gracing the runways and Instagram doesn’t appear to have this problem. What’s the secret?

Sure, there’s microdermabrasion, laser, micro-needling and chemical peels, but before venturing into the dermatologist’s office, let’s take a look at some tried and tested at-home solutions.


Skin cell turnover decreases over the age of 30, meaning we don’t shed dead cells as efficiently from the surface of the skin. The more they accumulate and clog the surface, the bumpier and dull your skin becomes. The best way to tackle this is to regularly buff away dirt and debris to reveal smoother, luminous skin. Try skincare superheroes such as glycolic acid and salicylic acid, to dissolve surface dead skin cells and bring back your glow. 

Using antioxidant-rich cleansers, toners and moisturisers will also help defend your skin against environmental damage that cause unevenness and dullness, and speed up your natural cell turnover for a smoother, glowy complexion. 

Mask It Up

Use a deep treatment exfoliating face mask that’s also gentle to the skin  to avoid irritating and causing sebum to go into overdrive which creates even more clogging. Masks enriched with vitamin C are especially useful, with the antioxidants helping to defend against environmental stressors and stimulate the skins natural healing process. 

Shield Your Face From The Sun

Sun exposure also plays a big role in uneven skin texture and enlarged pores. Using a broad spectrum sunscreen protects against UVA and UVB rays that prematurely age skin.  

Prevent Skin Scarring From Acne And Blemishes

Acne scarring leaves tiny holes in the top few layers of skin. Whether it’s a new or existing scar, it’s important to reduce the appearance – especially those that are raised and discoloured. In certain light, these can become more obvious, making skin look uneven. Try using a topical retinol (vitamin A) to help stimulate collagen production and even out skin tone. 

Facial Workouts 

To support a healthy at home skincare routine, we recommend trying FaceGym's Clean + Lift Workout. It’s brilliant for deep cleaning pores and exfoliating away dead skin cells and dirt that can clog up your skin. Powered by Skin IV™️ technology, the Clean + Lift workout treats a number of specific skin needs to improve tone and texture with shots of vitamins and acids  such as Glycolic, salicylic, vitamin A , E and C, to refine skin texture, fade pigmentation and even out skin tone.

If you’re looking to make rough, uneven, dull skin, a thing of the past, try these simple solutions for more flawless-looking skin.



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