How To Even Skin Tone

How To Even Skin Tone


Uneven Skin Tone

Three words that make up one of the most common skincare complaints. You might think that your skincare routine is on point, but no matter what you do you don't seem to be able to achieve a nice even skin tone. Don't worry, you're not alone. But what causes your skin tone to behave like this, and more importantly, what steps can you take to even your skin tone?

What causes uneven skin tone?

The main culprits of uneven skin tone? Sun damage, hyperpigmentation and redness. This guilty threesome are often the barriers to achieving an even tone and complexion.

The good news is that a consistent skincare routine can help get you there.

Wearing sunscreen daily is the most important thing to do in treating uneven texture and tone. The melanin cells that make pigmentation are activated by sunlight. Even a small amount of unprotected sun exposure can start this chain of activity. If you’re noticing brown patches on your skin today, they’re likely the result of sun damage from 10 years ago. So, if you want to keep pigmentation and dark spots at bay, lather on the broad spectrum sunscreen daily (even if the sun’s not shining).

How do you get an even skin tone?

When it comes to skin tone treatments, vitamin C is one the most effective ingredients around. Not only is it rich in antioxidants that protect against UV and pollution damage, it also inhibits melanin being transferred to skin cells, tackling hyperpigmentation and dark spots before they even have a chance to show on the surface of your skin. Over time, serums containing vitamin C can help an uneven skin tone fade into the past.

Retinol (Vitamin A) also works wonders on hyperpigmentation. It treats it in two primary ways. First, it fades existing dark spots and melasma by curbing the production of melanin, and second, it slows down the breakdown of collagen while simultaneously encouraging faster cell turnover to bring better, more youthful skin cells to the surface.

Ceramides for skin redness

Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) is a genius when it comes to fading pigmentation and soothing redness and calming skin irritation. This loved-by-all skin types vitamin reduces the transfer of melanin from pigment cells to your skin cells, which is not only helpful for skin conditions like melasma, it’s also super powerful in fading and evening out acne and blemish scars - great news for those of us who suffer from uneven skin tones because of our acne prone skin.

We recommend our Youth Reformer Serum - a neurocosmetic oil-in-serum that blends Patchouli and Palo Santo to soothe and calm the skin, helping to reduce redness, stress and tired skin, improving overall skin tone and restoring glow. 

Protect and defend your skin daily for smooth, even skin tone and texture with a powerful combo of skincare and high-intensity facial workouts.

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