How To Get Clear Skin Naturally

How To Get Clear Skin Naturally


There's only one question more popular in the modern beauty world than how to get clear skin, and that's how to do it naturally.

Clear, even skin is pretty much the dermatological holy grail. With so many potential causes of skin conditions - oily skin, whiteheads, sensitive skin, blackheads, acne, dry skin etc - it’s important to tackle it holistically. 

Our skin is an expression of what’s going on inside our body. Great skin comes from fuelling and nourishing our body effectively, supporting the production of natural oils, as well as having the right skincare routine.

9 Tips For Clearer Skin

If the pursuit of clear skin is top of your beauty agenda, it can help to check out the things that people with great skin always do.

Of course, there is a wide range of skin types and conditions that can impact skin clarity - acne breakouts, clogged pores, excess sebum etc - there are some universal tips for next-level skincare.

Here are some of the recommended or time-tested ways to get clear skin naturally.

1. Wash Your Face

One of the biggest skincare deadly sins is falling asleep with make-up on.

No matter how exhausted you are, or how desperately your head wants to hit the pillow, always remove your make-up.

Removing make-up can be the difference between glowing, healthy-looking skin and a dull, blemish-troubled complexion.

Sleeping with your make-up on will not only clog pores, but it can also actually push foundation and concealer deeper into pores, leading to acne breakouts. 24-7 make-up can also prevent the cycle of shedding of dead skin cells that is meant to happen daily.

This causes them to get stuck to the skin’s surface, which in turn leads to blemishes and acne. 

Even a basic face wash with lukewarm water is better than nothing for removing dead skin cells, but if you get into the habit of a great evening skincare routine - cleanser, warm water, toner or cold water followed by moisturisers or serums - you'll reap the benefits of improved skin clarity and a more natural healthy glow.

2. Stop Smoking

Smoking is an underlying cause of numerous skin conditions - its tendency to accelerate premature ageing is well known in the beauty world.

So if you want to keep your skin healthy and as clear as possible, ditching nicotine can be one of the most effective ways to improve the condition and clarity of your complexion.

3. Prevent Sun Damage

Whenever possible, avoid overexposure to the sun and wear sunscreen.

Protecting your skin against UVA and UVB rays that damage skin cells is the #1 way to have great skin. Whether the sun’s shining or not, apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen daily.

While it's important to enjoy some healthy doses of sunshine and those lovely Vitamin D benefits for overall wellbeing, balance your sunny spells with some time in the shade to keep your skin safe and enjoy the best of both worlds. And you can always invest in a killer sunhat that allows you to relax in all environments.

If you do accidentally overdo it in the sunshine, take steps to calm skin redness or inflammation with a good After Sun Lotion or a natural remedy such as aloe vera gel.

4. Reduce Psychological Stress

Aim to stress less, and sleep more. There may be no genie in a bottle to magic away stress, but there’s an arsenal of proven successes out there to help.

Try meditation, exercise, massage, a hot bath, walk in nature, laugh with friends, and give yourself downtime without the devices (yes, that means no scrolling Instagram, checking email or bingeing Netflix).

When it comes to getting enough shut-eye, Sleeping Beauty had the right idea. Around 7-9 hours of uninterrupted sleep is the goal, because deep sleep is the time that our body repairs and rejuvenates. 

5. Adopt A Healthy Diet & Good Gut Habits

In terms of beauty and overall well-being, gut health cannot be underestimated, so be kind to your gut.

What we eat is reflected in our skin. Fuelling your body with a balanced, mineral and vitamin-rich diet is as essential to great skin as air is to breathing.

Think Omega 3s, multivitamins, non-processed and nutritionally dense foods such as green veggies, fruit, lean protein, nuts and seeds. Good fats are also fabulous for your skin - extra virgin olive oil is a classic beauty secret. We’re not suggesting that you don't indulge in your favourite bags of crisps or sweets occasionally, just keep the sugary treats and loaded carbs to a minimum.

More and more studies are showing that refined sugar and white carbs cause sugar molecules to latch onto healthy skin cells and accelerate the breakdown of collagen.

6. Stay Hydrated

Water may well be the ultimate skincare supplement, so aim to drink plenty of water morning to night. Aim for 1.5-2L of water daily for fully hydrated, glowing, flake-free skin.

Remember– the water you drink while working out doesn't count in your daily dose as you will likely lose the same amount or even more through your body's natural sweat.

7. Balance Hormones

Hormones play a big role in maintaining the thickness, firmness and smoothness of our skin.

Hormones are like tiny messengers communicating between different cells in our body. We need our hormones to be sending good messages to boost collagen production, regulate excess oil and increase blood flow and hyaluronic acid.

All of these messages increase the skin’s water content and give us the plump, dewy, bouncy skin we love.

8. Exercise Daily - Both Body & Face

Shake that booty! Workouts not only have a positive impact on your body and mood, they speed up the flow of nutrients, detoxification, lymphatic drainage, blood circulation and cell renewal that give skin a sought-after glow.

Aside from hitting the gym or powering through pilates, there are the 40+ muscles in our face that are often forgotten. Try FaceGym’s Signature Sculpt Workout to get you face fit. Knuckle, whip and massage your face to stimulate circulation, improve lymphatic drainage and lift, tone and contour. 

9. Embrace Natural Products

Part of a natural skin care programme must include some of Mother Nature's best beauty remedies. Some popular natural products from recent beauty trends are coconut oil, argan oil, lemon juice, and tea tree oil.

Once again water can play a starring role in naturally clearer skin, with beauty treatments such as hydrotherapy (alternating cold and hot water), facial mists to keep your skin hydrated, as well as regularly washing those makeup brushes!

A Skincare Routine For Glowing Skin

Along with the health and wellness basics for naturally clear skin, a regular skincare routine is the foundation of great skin. It's also one of the best ways to keep acne-prone skin clear and prevent more breakouts.

If you have oily or combination skin, you may need to experiment to find the best regime for your particular skin type, and if you have sensitive skin, you'll need to take extra care in establishing a routine that suits your skin condition.

Cleanse, moisturise and protect your skin against acne and environmental skin stressors using the right products morning and evening.

A great skincare routine can have other benefits too, it can help to stimulate collagen, prevent permanent scarring, boost the healing process, and reduce certain types of skin problems.

If you want to supercharge your skincare routine, we recommend adding in regular facial workouts such as FaceGym's Clean + Lift Workout to deeply cleanse and unclog pores, while power boosting hydration and glow with a blast of vitamin infusion to the skin.

Always avoid harsh soaps whenever possible, and opt for mild body wash or a gentle cleanser if you have particularly sensitive skin.

Enjoy Clear Skin Naturally

Taking care of our largest organ means nourishing it from the inside and out.

Self-care mixed with a consistent skincare routine that’s right for your skin type is the key to a healthy, even, glowing complexion, aka: how to get clear skin naturally.

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