Mature Skin Routine

As we mature our body produces less elastin and collagen, causing skin to appear thinner and less firm. This means that fine lines and wrinkles are formed more easily. Your skin also stops producing as much moisture, so you’ll find it gets drier. You’ll also notice skin’s pigment cells will also start to show in areas where you’ve accumulated sun damage. Right, let’s get started…

What Is The Best Mature Skincare Routine?

  1. Cleanser: Mature skin can become drier as sebum production lowers. Cleansing Balms and oil-based cleansers are perfect for more mature skin types as they provide nourishment alongside the cleansing benefits. Try FaceGym's Electro-Lite Gel Cleanser, containing Red Clover Extract to helps shrink pores for a flawless complexion.
  2. Toner: For an additional layer of hydration, mists are a great addition to mature skincare and can boost moisture levels without being too occlusive and as an additional benefit you can freshen up your skin and the makeup in one step.
  3. Mask: Overnight masks transform your skin while you sleep so you can wake up fresh-faced without any additional hassle. Your skin is most permeable during the night so you will make the most out of your active ingredients at this time. Look for masks that include retinol and peptides, these will regenerate and smooth wrinkles while you sleep.
  4. Serum: Serums are also a great way to boost the skin with actives as they often have higher potency and allow you to customize your skin care according to your biggest skin concerns. As collagen and elastin production reduces overtime, it is important to support your skin’s structure to avoid skin from starting to sag. Vitamin C serum is great for supporting collagen production and tackling everything from dull skin to wrinkles and pigmentation. FaceGym's Youth Reformer Serum is the holy grail serum for mature skin. Our unique oil-in-serum formula reidentifies skin with a complex of Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid, reducing visible signs of ageing, improving moisture content and cell rejuvenation. 
  5. Moisturiser: Pigmentation, age spots, and free radical damage can be reduced by using ample antioxidants. Mature skin often needs a nourishing cream to help replenish whilst fighting the free radicals. FaceGym's Supreme Restructure Moisturiser contains concentrated fresh-water Pyrenean Microalgae balances the skin to prevent ageing effects, reduces fine lines and wrinkles and inhibits Cortisol to help the skin’s repair process.
  6. Facial Oil: Dry and mature skin types often just scream for more moisture and nourishment so think about adding a facial oil into your skincare routine. You can either mix them into your day/night cream or apply them as a last step to boost the skin.
  7. Eye Cream: As the eye area has the thinnest skin over the whole body, in addition, constant strain through facial expressions and even blinking causes this area to show wrinkles first. The eye area does not have many sebum glands either, meaning that you can experience even more dryness in this area and may want a slightly more nourishing cream without being overly heavy. Look out for ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and vitamin E!
  8. SPF: As UV-damage accumulates in the skin, it is important to start protecting the skin early and keep up with it on a daily basis. DNA damage expresses itself as pigmentation spots, and accumulation of wrinkles, as the collagen and elastin fibres lose their springy structure. This means that it is especially important to find a Sun Protection product that is a pleasure to use every day. 



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