How To Layer Your Skincare Products

Serums, oils, mists, essences, creams…It can be hard enough to understand what each skincare product does, let alone the order of skincare products to effectively apply each one!

Navigating the basics of layering your products can be really confusing. After cleansing your face, try and keep this advice in mind: always apply the thinnest product first and then move to your richer, more occlusive ones. This allows the thinner products such as essences and serums etc. to penetrate the top layer of the skin more successfully. If all things have the same consistency? Go for the most concentrated one that tackles your top skin concern. Right, you do not have to add in all of the following steps to your current skincare routine, but if you did, this is how I would suggest layering them…


Firstly, use a very mild cleanser such as a gentle foaming cleanser to remove any sebum and product residue from your night time routine. Follow this with a mist/essence – any product that has a more water-like consistency!

Head for your eye cream and water-based serums (this will be your Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid, Niacinamide, etc). Apply this under an oily serum or daily moisturiser.

Finish with your favourite SPF.


Remove your makeup and SPF with an oil-based cleanser, I love to use a flannel for a gentle exfoliation and efficient removal of any leftover residue. Follow with a mild cleanser to make sure you’ve really gotten rid of everything! Next grab your acid toner. I would ideally wait for approx. 10 minutes if possible, to allow it to work before continuing with the rest of your routine. The next layer would be mist and then an essence, followed by eye cream and water-based serums. Next would be oil-based serums like a retinol serum for example. Seal it all with an overnight mask or a night cream!



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