How To Minimise Pores

Whether people are dropping into the dermatologist for laser treatments or acne consultations; pores are always high on the list of things to ‘get rid of’.

First Things First. You Can’t Get Rid Of Pores. 

We need these tiny hair follicles to allow the oil produced by our sebum glands to keep the surface of our skin hydrated, supple and healthy. Typically pores do a great job of sweeping out dead skin cells and dirt that settle on the skin’s surface themselves, however, sometimes the system goes awry. Debris gets trapped inside, blocking and enlarging pores. This can lead to uneven skin texture and inflammation that causes blemishes and acne. 

Eliminating pores may not be an option, but here are some ways you can minimise the appearance of pores.

How To Unclog Pores?

  1. Unclog. If pores are clogged with dirt and dead skin cells, try using salicylic or glycolic acidto gently dissolve build-up and encourage clogged pores to return to their normal size. Manual exfoliation can also help slough away debris and create a more even skin texture. But, if you really want to up the pore minimising game, try FaceGym’s Clean + Lift Workout. It’s brilliant for deep cleaning pores and exfoliating away dead skin cells and dirt that clog pores. Powered by Skin IV™️ technology, the Clean + Lift workout treats a number of specific skin needs to improve tone and texture with shots of vitamins and acids such as Glycolic, salicylic, vitamin A , E and C, to refine skin texture and even out skin tone.
  2. Consider your cleanser. Cleaning thoroughly for your skin type is the essential in keeping pores minimised. Make-up, dirt and pollution can easily clog pores, enlarging their appearance. Make sure you cleanse daily (morning and night if your skin can tolerate twice daily cleanses) to thoroughly remove. We recommend our Electro-Lite Gel Cleanser - it's gentle gel-to-foam formula with exfoliating Biotech Enzyme and Hydroclay works to deeply cleanse and refine the skin’s texture, keeping your skin in tip-top condition all day. 
  3. Prime before foundation. To stop foundation settling into pores and enlarging their appearance, apply a pore minimising primer. It veils uneven skin texture to make your foundation sit more smoothly and evenly, and helps prevent foundation from clogging up your pores.



Aside from excess oil and clogging, did you know that pores can also become enlarged as a result of collagen breakdown from ageing and exposure to UV? 

That’s why sunscreen tops the list of things we can do to shrink pores back to normal. As collagen breaks down, pores lose their tightness, making them appear larger. Always use a broad spectrum screen to protect against UVA and UVB rays. 



For a flawless-looking complexion, protect your skin against UV and keep pores clog-free.



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