Does Blue Light Therapy Help Acne?

Does Blue Light Therapy Help Acne?


Blue Light Therapy for Acne: What You Need to Know

Dealing with problem skin conditions such as acne is one of the most common beauty concerns. Acne can affect beauty-seekers of all ages and all skin types - from teenage skin to menopausal stages, from occasional breakouts to persistent problems.

This is why the beauty world is rife with remedies for treating acne, spots and blemishes. These include a vast range of topical applications and skincare routines that aim to reduce breakouts or repair scarring. 

Yet many of these traditional approaches to relieving acne are focused on treating the surface condition, rather than going deeper into the issues and the tissues to address the underlying causes that lead to problem skin and acne conditions.

This is why the future of beautiful skin is harnessing the power of light to go past the surface problems and work its magic in the deeper layers of the skin. 

Enter: Blue Light Therapy. 

What is Blue Light Therapy? 

Light therapy is a fast-growing trend in the beauty world, and with good reason. Treating skin with the various spectrums of coloured light is opening up a whole world of benefits for people with skin issues - from reducing inflammation to rejuvenation and healing. 

Blue Light Therapy is just one form of light therapy that’s been shown to have beneficial effects on our skin, yet it's the one that is proving to be the most powerful in the treatment of problem skin conditions like acne.

Thanks to advances in beauty science and technology, Blue Light Therapy is an innovative new approach to the treatment, repair and prevention of acne and is shaping up to be the future of acne control.  

How does Blue Light Therapy work? 

Blue Light Therapy is a type of LED light therapy. LED stands for light-emitting diode, and LEDs are basically innovative bulbs that emit certain light currents in a safe and efficient way. 

LEDs can come in a range of colours, and the various colours have different effects. This is why Light Therapy is becoming so popular in the health and beauty world - because the right kinds of lights are good for both our wellness and skin. 

If you think of how sunlight can be beneficial - stimulating the production of Vitamin D which is so good for us. Or think of how plants respond when they are given light, bright conditions, compared to dark and gloomy places. 

Light can be a powerful agent for vitality, cell renewal and growth, as well as boosting the production of vital stores of things like those perennial beauty favourites: collagen and elastin. 

And since LEDs don't contain UV rays, they're considered safe for the majority of people - which is why Blue Light Therapy in particular is being hailed for its beneficial effects in the treatment and prevention of acne. 

Blue Light Therapy: The future of acne control

The benefits of Blue Light Therapy

Blue Light Therapy is such a popular breakthrough in the treatment of acne because it works in three ways: 

1. Penetrates through blocked pores 

Unlike many surface treatments, light can penetrate through clogged skin and blocked pores, to reach the root cause of acne. 

2. Naturally kills the bacteria that cause acne

As the blue light penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin, it can zap the acne-causing bacteria that go on to create spots and breakouts.

3. Reduces the risk of future breakouts

Blue light also regulates the production of sebum within the deeper layers of the skin, which can reduce the likelihood of excess oils that lead to skin breakouts.

4. Aids with healing and repair

As well as targeting active skin problems, blue light therapy promotes your skin's natural healing mechanism that can help to reduce the visibility of scarring as well as prevent future scarring.

Now you know just how beneficial Blue Light Therapy can be for treating problem skin, you're no doubt wondering how you can start enjoying these beauty benefits for yourself. 

At FaceGym, we're on it. 

The new FaceGym Acne Light Shot

Developed by skin experts, Acne Light Shot is a handy pocket-sized device that could be the answer for acne sufferers everywhere. 

This small-yet-mighty tool is medically-approved and totally safe for you to use at home, so you can harness the benefits of Blue Light Therapy technology to target, treat and terminate acne - easily, quickly and effectively. 

It's designed to make it easy for you to use the power of those potent LEDs to treat acne on the spot, so you can take back control and enjoy cleaner, clearer and healthier-looking skin.

The FaceGym Acne Light Shot is FDA-cleared and recommended by dermatologists, and this clinically proven technology is here to help you switch on clear skin and enjoy the confidence that comes with it. 

Blue Light + Collagen: A Power Combo

Because we're all about maximum beauty benefits, combining the power of Blue Light Therapy with the foundational healing boost of vegan collagen makes for a potent skin-health system.  

For a great Acne Prone Skin Routine, we recommend using our new Acne Light Shot alongside our tried-&-true beauty bestsellers, including our energising and brightening Electro-Lite Cleanser, followed by our exfoliating Skin Changer essence-toner, and our powerful resurfacing Cheat Mask 

Blue Light Benefits & You

Blue Light Therapy is fast becoming the go-to remedy for the treatment and prevention of problem skin and acne. 

It's safe, it's fast-acting and it's effective. 

And with the new FaceGym Acne Light Shot, you hold the solution to spots, blemishes, and breakouts in the palm of your hand. 

Combine this powerful Blue Light Therapy tool with the skin-boosting ingredients in our award-winning skincare products, and you have a remedy for healing your skin from within. 

Whoever you are, and however acne affects your life, the healing and beauty benefits of Blue Light Therapy are available for you. 

You can find out more about the FaceGym Acne Light Shot here. 

It's time to switch on skin confidence. 

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