The Best Skincare Routine for Men

The Best Skincare Routine for Men


When it comes to skincare for men, there has never been more choice or a greater selection of products designed specifically for male skin. 

It's a booming industry – according to reports, the global market for men's skincare products hit $13 billion at the end of 2022. That's a lot of men's moisturiser! 

While it's great to see so many men taking care of their skin, the scale of the industry can make it difficult to know which products will be right for you. 

After all, men's skin, just like women's, can vary greatly. From the genes you were born with, to lifestyle choices and your grooming preferences, there's more to men's skincare than bold branding and clever ads. 

Here at FACEGYM, we’re experts on the many different types of skin and what's needed during the various phases of skin health. 

So, if you've been confused about the endless options for men's skincare, here's our guide to help you find the products that will work best for you. 

Skincare Routines For Men

They say the best habits are the ones you can stick to, and the same is true when it comes to skincare. 

At FACEGYM, we know how busy life can get, so we always recommend starting simple. Because the easier it is to set good habits, the more likely they are to stick – and it's the long-term benefits that will really work wonders for your complexion, whatever skin type you're dealing with. 

So, the best way to create a skincare routine that works is to follow the classic three simple steps: 

  1. Cleanse. 
  2. Tone. 
  3. Moisturise.

It's a tried-&-true formula that's been around for decades. 

Men's Skincare: A Perfect Partnership

Sticking to this basic routine will create a fantastic foundation for great skin, but if you want to take the benefits to the next level, choosing the right products for your skin type will create the kind of results you want to see. 

Whether you're looking to tackle the symptoms of common skin problems, or you want to get ahead of the signs of ageing, or even if you want to see some gravity-defying results that give you those toned, lifted and chiselled contours, choosing the right kit for your routine will do a lot of the heavy-lifting when it comes to visible results. 

But where to start? 

Here’s a core trio of our recommended FACEGYM classics that work well for all skin types and can become the secret superheroes of your skincare routine. 

CLEANSE: Recommended Cleanser for Men's Skincare 

When it comes to basic skincare, the right cleanser is a foundational must-have. You need to ensure your cleanser is doing a great job of dissolving impurities and cleansing the oil, dirt and pollutants from your skin. At the same time, you need a cleanser that won't strip your skin of its beneficial oils or create that unpleasant tight and overdry feeling. 

Our recommended cleanser for the ultimate men's skincare routine is the Electro-Lite Gel Cleanser. This gel-to-foam formula is easy and practical to use, so you can easily incorporate it into your daily routine. Awarded as Best Cleanser Finalist by Top Santé, this winner packs a triple-whammy of benefits. Expect a brighter complexion, refined pores, and advanced skin rebalancing. 

It's the perfect prep for the next steps in your ultimate skincare routine. 

TONE: Recommended Toner for Men's Skincare

A great toner does more than just tone your skin. Our multi-tasking Skin Changer 2-in-1 Exfoliating Essence-Toner makes the most of your time by delivering multiple benefits in one sweep. The powerful ingredients trigger your skin's reset mode, target congestion and brighten your skin, whilst reducing the appearance of blemishes and improving skin’s natural hydration levels. We call it Skin Changer for a reason – expect noticeable, visible results that you'll love. 

MOISTURISE: Recommended Moisturiser for Men's Skincare

Moisturising is an essential last step in any skincare routine. A good moisturiser will seal the skin, locking in the beneficial products used in the first two steps. It will also protect the skin from whatever the day (or night) has in store. When it comes to men's skincare, our FACCEGYM recommendation for this crucial final step is our Liftwear Moisturiser

This potent vitamin C + bioferment gel-cream moisturiser is high-performance skincare at its best. You won't just see the benefits – you'll feel the difference. 

If you're looking for a moisturiser that firms, lifts and brightens your best angles, we made this one for you. 

It's packed with powerful active ingredients that kick your skin’s metabolism into gear, and includes some potent formulas you won't find anywhere else. Over 90% of clinical studies reported results such as firmer, healthier, more bouncy skin, and the Summer Beauty Awards crowned it the winner of the Best Moisturiser category. 

The FACEGYM Men’s Skin Power Trio

Why does this combination of a simple three-step routine and the FACEGYM products create the perfect skincare routine for men? Because it's based on time-tested practices and clinically proven ingredients that support the ultimate skin-boosting properties. 

So, if you want to keep it simple and enjoy your best-ever complexion, you can find out more about our recommended skincare products for men here: 

  1. Cleanse: ELECTRO-LITE GEL CLEANSER Energizing + Brightening Gel-to-foam Formula
  2. Tone: SKIN CHANGER 2-in-1 Exfoliating Essence-toner
  3. Moisturise: LIFTWEAR Vitamin C + Bioferment Gel-Cream Moisturiser

When it comes to skincare, the old saying is true: work smarter, not harder. With all the science and research done by FACEGYM, we've done the hard work for you - all you need to do is make the smart choice for your skin. 

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