The Make It Bar

Create a customised Training Serum to fit your workout, skin and lifestyle needs at our Make It Bar.

A custom blended Training Serum is the secret weapon to supercharge your facial fitness routine. In every bottle you’ll find our magic potion, the Muscle Blend. Made up of 6 power-packed ingredients including L Carnitine (your skin’s own personal trainer) this nutrient dense formula will feed, hydrate and strengthen.


Combine your chosen combination of natural, cold pressed oils with our Muscle Blend. Watch your Trainer blend it up and finish with a personalised label.

Step 1 Identify your lifestyle needs

Step 2 Add a booster to amplify results

Step 3 Add some emotion to make you feel good


Training Serum is enhanced with friction. Don’t just apply it, work it!

Step 1 Massage 3-5 drops into your face and neck

Step 2 Knuckle the product in, working up from your jaw to the cheeks and forehead

Step 3 Lightly pinch with your fingertips using short, sharp motions all over the face



Receive 50% off a Custom Blended Training Serum with your first Workout! Ask your Trainer for more details.

Visit the Make It Bar at your nearest FaceGym Studio.