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FACEGYM PRO by Xtreem Pulse


Think of it as a powerplate for your face. Your face has tens of thousands of small muscle fibres that, over time, become weak and lose their elasticity. The FaceGym Pro device applies mild yet forceful EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) to the face, strengthening the muscle to visibly lift, tone and tighten in as little as 10 minutes!  


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Getting Started

  1. Charge your new device for 6 hours prior to use. A red light will illuminate when on charge. This will last 100 treatments.
  2. Cleanse your skin thoroughly with a water-based cleanser, ensuring skin is left dry and free from product.
  3. Avoid using products containing colourants, as this can affect efficacy.

How to Use

  1. Apply a generous amount of activator gel to the area. The device will not activate unless there is enough gel on the skin.
  2. Press the FaceGym Pro to your skin and turn it up until you feel the movements in your muscles. You can increase the intensity with + level or decrease with the – level. You will feel the muscle contract or twitch. Increase as desired.
  3. Workout 5 minutes each side. The device will beep to indicate when to move to the next area.

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Each pack includes:

• 15ml Collagen Infusion Serum (activator gel)

• USB cable

• User manual

Please note in the newest version of the FaceGym Pro, the light will blink whilst charging and stay lit when charging is complete.


What we say:

“Contouring like nothing else. This will tone, lift and define your facial features”