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  • Facial workouts that combine our signature muscle training, advanced tech tools and award-winning skincare with the best aspects of traditional facials.


  • Wonder Cleansing Balm Wonder Cleansing Balm
  • Multi-Sculpt Multi-Sculpt
  • FaceGym Pro FaceGym Pro
  • Active Blast Vegan Collagen Active Blast Vegan Collagen
  • Hydro-Bound Daily Serum Hydro-Bound Daily Serum
  • Active Collagen Wonder Moisturizer Active Collagen Wonder Moisturizer
  • It promises a non-invasive facelift and, from my couple of times trying it, it definitely delivers. Results are immediate.

  • My face looks like an Instagram filter.

  • The results were crazy. I'm addicted to the instant effect it had on my face.

  • My face has honestly never looked so good.

  • Inge Theron and her team disrupt the beauty industry with a business model that combines traditional techniques with modern technologies.

  • Compared to a normal facial, you get so much more bang for your buck. My face has looked more sculpted, more alive.

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