Pro Lift Online Class

Learn how to use your device like a pro to deeply activate and elevate your facial muscles. Skin and muscles will be visibly firmer and tighter, contours will be noticeably enhanced. view full product description

This class includes

  • Full Workout
  • Sculpt
  • Equipment Needed
  • Jaw
  • Cheekbones
  • Eyebrows

What we recommend

FaceGym Pro

FaceGym Pro

by The Recovery Lab

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Collagen Infusion

Collagen Infusion

Activator Gel

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Class description

Zoom Access
30 minutes duration
This class is for all the EMS lovers. Get ready for your weight training session for the face! Learn how to use your FaceGym Pro device to tone the facial muscles from the neck all the way up to the forehead. You’ll be amazed at the instant results, from improved muscle and skin tone to visible reduction in appearance of wrinkles and facial puffiness, increased skin brightness and overall plumper-looking skin. This session is like doing 600 sit-ups for the face!
What do I need wear for my Face Workout? +

Whatever makes you feel good and ready to workout (you can even do it in your pyjamas if you like!). We do recommend an open neck top or shirt that allows you to easily access the neck and collarbones. If you have a headband too, it's useful to prevent your hair getting oily.

What do I need to workout? +

Clean hands and face always! With all of our workouts, we recommend a hydrating, oil-free serum is applied to the face and neck before the workout starts. This will ensure your skin in suitably moisturised to comfortably and safely perform the exercises. During the massage sections of the workout, you will need to create some form of glide on the skin so, the very minimum you will need is a facial oil. A headband will help prevent your hair becoming oily, but this is optional. Some classes may require specific tools for the session, for more information on this, please check the individual workout pages.

The schedule has changed, why? +

We reserve the right to change classes and/or trainers in the schedule up to 24hours before the scheduled class time. As all our classes are streamed live, unforeseen circumstances can lead to last-minute changes outside of our control.

Class description

Expected Results

Skin Tine & Tighten

Skin Oxygenation

Muscle Strength

Sculpt & Contour


Glow & Bright Skin



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