Must-Have Kit


This kit includes our two new must-have tools for lifted, contoured and radiant skin:

  • New Multi-Sculpt:Expertly by FaceGym with 6 unique edges to mimic the results of our studio workout, this next-gen tool performs a range of face sculpting techniques to lift, contour, soften fine lines, aid lymphatic drainage and help reduce facial tension. Ready to amp up results? Follow the Multi-Sculpt 10 Move Face Sculpting Methodby scanning the on-pouch QR code to access our exclusive how-to video
  • New Hyaluronic Roller Dissolving Microneedling Tool:The lasted edition in the FaceGym line-up, this roller delivers intensive cellular rejuvenation. Made up of 3,000 non-invasive dissolving microneedles filled with pro-grade Hyaluronic acid and peptides, the crystallized serum sinks deeply into the skin when it comes in contact with the moisture beneath the skin’s surface for a quicker, stronger effect. Use as a treatment, once a week for four weeks and like a mini boot camp for your face, this tool leaves skin looking noticeably firmer, smoother and youthful. 

 * Please note this kit will not be shipped until 1st March. 

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Key Benefits

  • Workout at home
  • The perfect gift for anyone who loves our classes, one to ones or practicing facial exercise and massage at home
  • Youth Boosting
  • Sculpts, contours, and plumps fine lines and wrinkles
  • Stimulates collagen and elastin production
  • Expertly designed by FaceGym for a full face workout


For best results, use Multi-Sculpt with FaceGym’s easy-to-follow, unique methodology. Simply open your smartphone camera and scan over the on-pouch QR code to unlock the Multi-Sculpt 10 Move Face Sculpting Method. With 10 different FaceGym moves, utilising all 6 edges of the tool, the Multi-Sculpt takes your skin and muscles through a full-face workout for transformative results.

You will need good slip on the skin to glide the Multi-Sculpt easily across the face. 

If you are adding the Multi-Sculpt into your everyday skincare routine, we recommend using the tool after you have applied your serum and moisturiser. 

If you are following the Multi-Sculpt 10 Move Face-Sculpting Method we recommend using a face oil like our FaceGym Signature Face Oils to allow enough slip for the duration of the protocol. 

Use on clean skin before applying serum. Attach a new roller head to the handle for each use. Roll over the face and neck using upwards and outwards motions for 5 to 10 minutes, concentrating on areas such as crows feet, forehead lines, frown lines between the eyes, and smile lines. Then apply your favorite serum and roll for an additional 5 to 10 minutes to help boost penetration. Discard the used roller head after use. Use once a week for 4 weeks for a mini Skin Bootcamp.

Our micro-needling tool is non-invasive with minimal discomfort during application.

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• We don’t recommend if you currently have active skin conditions or bacterial infections (acne, eczema, psoriasis or cold sores, broken skin, Impetigo, Facial Boils, Conjunctivitis, Styes)

• Pregnancy (due to use of Electrical Muscle Stimulation device) - if pregnant, please let the Trainer know during consultation time. Instead of the electricals, your trainer will use prolonged deep tissue massage techniques.

• Botox in the last 2 weeks

• Cosmetic facial fillers in the last 4 weeks

• Facial surgery in the last 6 months




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