How To Use

Use the Medi Lift Eye Mask together with Collagen Infusion Serum to conduct the EMS current and give the skin a burst of hydration with Hyaluronic Acid. The gel serum also helps promote elasticity, reduce expression lines and tighten the skin. Choose your mode and EMS intensity and let the Medi Lift Eye Mask do the heavy lifting. For best results, use every day for 10 minutes. During the workout, the mask will automatically warm up to induce a feeling of relaxation. Lift and Brighten mode Produces a tapping sensation to stimulate the eye muscles and enhance circulation to address dark circles and lift the eye area. Wrinkle Reducer mode Provides a tightening and releasing sensation to train and strengthen the eye muscles, tackling lines and wrinkles. Scan the on-pack QR code to unlock The Medi Lift Eye Mask training tutorial and step-by-step guide to ensure you make the most of your device.

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Consistency Is Key

For long lasting results consistency is key. You can use our face sculpting application method every day to smash your face training goals! Need more motivation? Follow us on social to see the fantastic results our FaceGym.

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