Facial Workouts

The clue is in the name... We built our brand on the benefits of skin fitness and the transformative power of facial toning workouts. One of the best ways to experience the FaceGym effect is at the hands of our expert skin specialists during a studio-based facial workout. 

Signature Skin Reset A tri-technology workout combining an advanced peel, mask and LED technology.
70 Mins High Clear, brighten + smooth Group booking
Signature Hands An extended hands-only workout to relieve tension, drain and tone.
45 Mins Low Tone, drain + sculpt Group booking
Signature Sculpt Our signature workout: muscle manipulation techniques + EMS technology.
45 Mins High Lift, firm + sculpt Group booking
Clean + Lift Pairing muscle manipulation techniques with Skin IV™ technology to deeply cleanse.
60 Mins Medium Deep Clean Group booking
Cryo Contour An intensely hydrating workout with EMS technology and a high-pressure shot of CO2.
55 Mins High Contour, hydrate + plump Group booking
Cryo Medi Lift Workout Combining EMS and manual microneedling with a shot of CO2 for intense sculpting and hydration.
70 Mins High Lift, hydrate + rejuvenate Group booking
Radio Frequency An advanced session with EMS and full-face Radio Frequency for ultimate skin tightening.
85 Mins Intense Boost Collagen, firm + tighten Group booking
When it comes to the best facial workouts - FaceGym is leading the way. With innovative technology, expert skin know-how, and award-winning products, we've got the solutions to your facial fitness goals.

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With 13 global studio locations in London, Manchester, New York, Los Angeles and Sydney, Australia, we're here to help you workout anytime, anywhere.



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