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The Boss Reset + Refresh Between Meetings. A super efficient and high intensity Workout.
55 mins Intense Sculpts
Party Face The Perfect Pre (or Post) Event Glow.
70 Mins Intense Glowing
Signature Electrical Rediscover Your Cheekbones.
55 Mins Intense Contours
Cryo Oxygen A Blast of Hydration. A high pressure shot of frozen CO2 and workout.
45 mins Intense Hydrate and Plump
Yoga Workout Invigorate And Restore. This slower paced, hands-only workout is relaxing.
55 Mins Light Release Tension
Holiday Skin Total Tightening, Sculpting + Radiance. Our best-selling advanced Workout
90 Mins Intense Boosts collagen
Signature Your Weekly Must-have.
45 Mins Weekly Must Have Tighten and Tone
I Gotta Have It All Created by FaceGym founder Inge Theron,
90 Mins Intense Tighten and Tone


A gym for your face, focusing on the 40+ muscles from the neck up. Find our Studios in the London, Manchester New York City and Los Angeles with many more to come in 2020. Follow us on social media to see which city we’re next.

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