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Skin toners are a core ingredient of the classic 3-step skincare regime. Our bestselling face toner,Skin Changer, combines the exfoliating power of an acid toner with the hydrating, repairing benefits of an essence for twice the skin-transforming power. Used after cleansing, our best toner products are the perfect prep for serums and moisturisers.

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Skin Changer
A 2-in-1 exfoliating essence-toner
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What's the best toner for face skin and the perfect partner to the FaceGym workouts? Our famous 5-star Exfoliating Essence-toner ticks all the boxes when it comes to maximising your daily skincare regime.

If you're looking to trigger reset mode and hydrate, brighten and reduce blemishes, our 2-in-1 hydrating toner is a game-changer. Delivering a double dose of beauty benefits - exfoliation and hydration - it's no wonder our Skin Changer toner toner for face is a clear winner.

What are face toners?
Face toners are specially formulated skincare products that bridge the gap between cleansing and moisturising. They are usually based on an exfoliating or brightening formula, that will help your skin get back to basics, whatever life has thrown at it.

How do face toners work?
Using a toner for face skin will clean away any excess cleansing lotions or creams, exfoliating the skin's surface in preparation for the nourishing benefits of serums and moisturisers. Face toners can also help to - you guessed it - tone the skin. Loss of skin tone is a common issue for many people so taking a little time during your daily regime to support your skin tone can reap some beautiful results in the long term.

What do skin toners do for your face?
The best face toners will do far more than simply tone or clarify your complexion. Expect results such as clearer pores, enhanced cell renewal, hydration, brightness, and clear radiant skin.

Our popular Skin Changer also boasts benefits like increased glow, smoother-feeling skin, and the visible reduction of spots and blemishes. While many people might skip or overlook this important skincare step, those in the know wouldn't want to miss out on the potential for skin transformation that's available with a quick toning sweep and the best active ingredients.

How to add face toners into your skincare routine
Incorporating skin toners for face fitness benefits is part of the time-tested 3-step skincare regime: Cleanse, tone, moisturise. To enjoy the benefits of this classic beauty formula, make sure you don't miss this important step between your cleanser and your favourite moisturiser. And to enjoy even more FaceGym goodness, don't forget to use our signature application sequences to really stimulate and nourish your skin - the ultimate toning workout for your face.

Why waste time and money with two products when you can get all the beauty benefits with a 2-in1? Shop our bestselling face toner products in our online store.



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