NEW Party Face Workout

Our newest workout is your party season saviour. Combining the sculpting magic of a Signature Electrical workout with a potent cocktail of vitamins, peptides and acids blasted onto the skin via our new SKIN IV™ technology – expect contoured features and glowing skin whether you’re getting party ready or in recovery from the night before.


Here’s how it works:


Your workout starts with a deep cleanse using vigorous knuckling movements to remove dead skin cells, boost the lymphatic system and kick start the detoxification process.


Next up, a combination of high energy, quick, whipping strokes stimulates blood circulation, collagen production and cell renewal, bringing a visible glow.


Powered by our FaceGym Pro/Pure Lift EMS Device, we sculpt and micro-contour the network of connective tissue and muscles to lift, tone and tighten the face. The deep muscle work is spliced with high-intensity rhythmic percussion fingers that excite the muscles.


Using our new SKIN IV™ technology your Trainer will combine a Deep Cleaning skin cocktail of peptides and acids with 2 Vitamin Shots from a choice of Vitamin C, B5 or A + E – blasted onto the skin at super-high speed to leave you clean, hydrated and glowing. Read more about our SKIN IV technology here


A combination of face tools glide across the skin to even skin tone, boost circulation and product absorption, followed by a splash of hydrating toner to awaken the face.


“The result? Visibly lifted cheekbones and a far less drawn face staring back in the mirror. This is a results-driven facial for all ages: definitely worth a try.”Daily Mail





PARTY FACE £130 / $150

available at all studios