NEW Gold Glow Training Serum

Our best-selling Signature Training Serum has been dressed up for the festive season in a Limited Edition Gold Glow blend. Combining the youth-boosting properties of 24k gold leaf – famed for its anti-ageing benefits – with Green Coffee Bean Oil and Swertia Chirata to nourish, tone, plump and leave a subtle sheen on the skin.

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What are Training Serums?

FaceGym Training Serums are a 50/50 skin to muscle protein shake for the face and your secret weapon to tone and tighten, lift and glow. In every bottle you’ll find our magic potion, the Muscle Blend™, made up of 6 power-packed bio-intelligent ingredients including L Carnitine (your skin’s own personal trainer) this nutrient dense formula will feed, hydrate and strengthen.

How We Use It

Training Serum is enhanced with friction. Don’t just apply it, work it!

Step 1: Massage 3-5 drops into your face and neck

Step 2: Knuckle the product in, working up from your jaw to the cheeks and forehead

Step 3: Lightly pinch with your fingertips using short, sharp motions all over the face

See it in action!

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