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The Wellness Trend reports are in, and according to the industry experts including Refinery29 and Well + Good, combating the effects of air pollution on our skin and bodies is the hottest topic for 2018.

Traffic fumes, central heating and general city dirt generate tiny particles which settle into the skin, clogging pores and prematurely ageing your skin leaving it super dehydrated. Worse news still for Londoners, as Oxford Street has been found to have the worst pollution in the world with levels of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) at up to ten times the legal limit, according to a study by King’s College London.


At FaceGym we took on the challenge to conquer the effects of city polluted skin and created the new CLEAN + LIFT WORKOUT, exclusive to Selfridges Oxford Street. In just 30 minutes this revolutionary workout cleans skin using 2 state of the art lasers – a 4D Laser to deep clean and Near Infrared technology to close pores, improve collagen production and tighten the skin.  The benefits don’t stop there. The deep cleaning action clears up and helps prevent troublesome monthly breakouts, whether they be hormonal or pollution created, and supports long lasting collagen production and plumping of the skin.



Supercharge your CLEAN + LIFT WORKOUT with a customised TRAINING SERUM specifically formulated to detoxify, clear and heal the skin. Like all FaceGym Training Serums, it contains our signature friction-activated Muscle Blend™ that reaches into the 40+ muscles of the face maximising the lifting, tightening and toning benefits of your workout.


Clean, clear, and immediately lifted. Your skin’s appearance will be much more even in texture and pores will be reduced to reveal an overall brighter and tighter complexion.

In the words of FaceGym founder, Inge Theron:

“Clean + Lift is the most exciting new cleansing service to launch on the market today. FaceGym has employed the very latest 4D laser technology that is clinically proven to deeply clean, clear and tighten the skin with no pain and no downtime. Currently only used in a handful of top medical dermatologists where it can cost hundreds of pounds per session, at FaceGym we have dramatically reduced this cost and have a tailored a fast and effective workout, so it can become a monthly maintenance routine for hardworking men and women of all ages. Now everyone can achieve clean, clear and lifted skin, looking the very best version of themselves!”

The CLEAN + LIFT workout is available exclusively at our new location in Selfridges London at £75 per 30-minute treatment. Maintenance is key to keep skin clean and to boost collagen production. We recommend a course of 6 bi-weekly workouts for optimal results.

To book CLEAN + LIFT call the Selfridges team on 0203 167 6030 or book online