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RESET AND REFRESH BETWEEN MEETINGS. This short, high intensity workout reduces puffiness, sculpts and tones the facial muscles. Special attention is placed on detoxing and purifying the skin using our new SKIN IV™ Deep Clean drip. Your full appointment time will be 55 min, which includes your 40 min workout plus a 15 min consultation. Please visit the Things To Know […]

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Please confirm you have read the things to know section and are aware of the contraindications before continuing with your booking

Things to know

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Is this the right workout for you?
Each of the following is a contraindication of this workout – please ensure that they do not apply to you or we may not be able to perform your treatment. For any further questions please contact us via phone or email.
What are the contraindications?

Pregnancy or breastfeeding
Botox less than 2 weeks
Fillers less than 4 weeks

Watch our muscle manipulation technique in action! 

“This sonic cleanse and power workout on my face and neck made my face muscles feel strong and released the tension that I carry in my jaw”
-J Isbitt, 42