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TOTAL TIGHTENING, SCULPTING + RADIANCE. Our best-selling advanced Workout to sculpt, tone, tighten. Radio Frequency targets puffiness, boosts collagen and restore skin’s elasticity. Achieve radiance that improves over time. Your full appointment time will be 90 min, which includes your 75 min workout plus a 15 min consultation. Please visit the Things To Know section below to ensure there aren’t any reasons why this workout isn’t right for you.

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Please confirm you have read the things to know section and are aware of the contraindications before continuing with your booking

Things to know

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Is this the right workout for you?
Each of the following is a contraindication of this workout – please ensure that they do not apply to you or we may not be able to perform your treatment. For any further questions please contact us via phone or email.

What are the contraindications?
• High blood pressure
• Pregnancy
• sunburn
• Pregnancy or breastfeeding
• Diabetes,
• Phlebitis/vascular disease
• Cancer
• Skin conditions (active acne, eczema, psoriasis or cold sores, broken skin)
• Hyperpigmentation
• Undergoing chemotherapy or immune therapy
• History of Keloid scars
• Active collagen vascular disease
• Recent micro dermabrasion or skin peel (in the last 3 days),
• Recent micro needling in the last 10 days.
• Botox in the last 2 weeks
• Fillers in the last 4 weeks
How will the Radio Frequency feel on my skin?
• You will feel heat on the skin, but a thermometer is used to ensure it is never uncomfortable
Facial Hair:
Radio Frequency or Laser workouts cannot be carried out with a beard. Faces must be clean shaven, but not the morning of the workout to avoid sensitivity, irritation or breakouts.
Recommended after care:
• Drink a litre of water before and keep well hydrated after workout
• Stay out of heat for 24 hours e.g sauna, steam room, hot baths
• Avoid UV exposure after workout (3-5 days)
• SPF 50 is applied after workout and recommended to use daily during a course