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Pro Kit

The Ultimate toolkit to keep your face fit at home: 


Facegym Pro

Facegym Activator Gel

Facegym Ball

Facegym Head Band

Facegym Gold Derma Roller

Beauty Restorer


Pay in 3 monthly instalments, choose Klarna at ChekoutKlarna-logo

Key Benefits

  • Workout at home
  • All the Tools
  • Face fit


We strongly advise booking a Virtual online PT Session, so one of our expert trainers can show you how to effectivly use your tools.

This device can perform many of the same functions as a whole-body workout but targeted specifically to the face. Like a total body workout, the FaceGym Pro warms up the face, then performs a cardio routine that boosts circulation, tones and improves skin firmness. It also promotes the release of healing, regenerative hormones that dramatically increase the health and apprearance of the skin.

It uses a knuckling motions that features diamond faceted probes. These probes perform electrical muscle stimulation all over the face and are used with an enhancement gel. The FaceGym Pro emits a mild but powerful EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) current, strengthening the muscle fibres that over time, become weak and lose their elasticity. 

No, you can alternate and find what works best for you. Some tools can be used daily and FaceGym Pro can be used every other day. To find what works best for your skin goals, book our 1-2-1 online session with a Trainer. 

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