on the couch with...Rebecca Gentry



Name: Rebecca Gentry
Known For: Nike Run Club Coach
Where to find her: Nike Town – hosting weekly Run Clubs!
Instagram: @becsgentry

"Running is my euphoria"

“Running is my euphoria”

what got you into fitness?
The endorphin rush after a sweaty boxing session or long run!

biggest life achievement?
Waking up with passion and excitement for my job and day ahead everyday.

what dod you want to be when you were younger?
A marine biologist.



secret to success?
Always smiling even when you’re hurting and being honest. 

pro’s of running?
Meditation and peacefulness and cardio fitness combined with the knowledge that I know I have to strength train to remain a strong runner.

Tackled some awesome trails. Felt insane!!

“Tackled some awesome trails. Felt insane!!”

con’s of running?
Often taking lots of free hours out of time others would probably spend with friends/family.

how do you take care of yourself? 
I listen to my body – if I need to rest I rest and treat myself to getting my nails done, or having a facial.

If I don’t want to run I won’t (that doesn’t happen often!!!)

I ensure I get into the gym to weight and strength train to keep my body totally strong. I take Westlab Epsom Salt baths twice a week and religiously wear Nike Compression socks and tights after running!

the london marathon this year will be…
All about getting my NRC runners over the finish line.
favourite running route? 

Malvern Hills in Worcestershire closely followed by the Thames Path out or Richmond and beyond.

best massage? 
David Peters at Bulgari Spa.

best physio? 
Erin at Six Physio.

PMA-ed up to the max ???????? massive love to my @nikelondon brother @fizzle_28

“PMA-ed up to the max – massive love to my @nikelondon brother @fizzle_28”

favourite workout? 
NTC Total Body Sculpting workout or Faisal’s Total Body Barrys Bootcamp class .

best fuel for running? 
Toasted Protein Bread with Pip & Nut Coconut Almond Butter with Strawberries sliced on top or Spirulina & Ginseng Bounce Ball.

facegym workout?
Runner Face 

favourite running gear? 
Nike Epic running tights (current collection yellow and black zebra print) Nike Dri Fit vest, Nike Pro Fierce Bra, Nike SnapBack and Nike Zoom Pegasus 32 trainers.

PMA-ed up to the max – massive love to my @nikelondon brother @fizzle_28


best training app on the market? 
Nike + Training Club (NTC) without a doubt

Saturday Strength Session ????????

“Saturday Strength Session”

alternative career?
PR – I worked in the beauty side of the industry for around 6 years after university before retraining as a PT! 

life philosophy?
You are the only one in control of your goals so wake up and thrive, everyday. 

I have a few – my mum is my life mentor. Career wise Coach Bennett at NRC and my Nike mentor Joslyn Thompson-Rule.