Manchester Wellness Guide – Laura Beckford, Supernova Living Founder

Ahead of our launch in Selfridges Trafford Centre, we’ve been connecting with local wellness gurus to bring you the best places to eat, shop and move in the North West! First up is business woman, supermum and founder of Supernova Living Protein, Laura Beckford.

Tell us a bit about you!

I’m Laura Beckford founder of Supernova Living and just a normal mum with a lot of passion. I’m a massive foodie and love holistic living, blossom trees, cacao and the smell of freshly cut grass! I married the yin to the my yang, Jermaine Beckford and have two adorable children. I’m like any other mum trying to juggling everything whilst maintaining a balance in all areas, it’s a constant challenge but life would be boring without a challenge wouldn’t it?!

What inspired you to develop Supernova Living?

So many things brought us to develop Supernova Living, it really did just evolve naturally it wasn’t something we had planned for years. My husband plays professional football so has taken protein powders once or twice a day for 20 years and a few years ago he started questioning what was in the powders after experiencing fatigue, mood swings and stomach problems. On research he found that they were full of rubbish, sugars, colours, artificial flavours, preservatives and acid whey and casein. As a very holistic, plant based family we started adding superfoods and adaptogens to plant protein after a lot of research finding that it was equally good if not far superior to the qualities of amino acids in whey protein. His stomach problems disappeared, his statistics were through the roof at training and he wasn’t so tired or fatigued. I was testing them too and noticed a huge different in my mood, concentration and energy so we unexpectedly developed a women’s powder too which ironically has now become our best seller!

Tell us about a typical day in your life…

I get up around 6am and try to either sit and meditate or focus on positives in my life, gratitude, affirmation etc, or I’ll do a little yoga in my pjs to warm up and get in a good head space. I find it hugely beneficial to start the day right. I then have a pint of warm water with lemon. Make the kids breakfast, blend a scoop of WOMAN 01 with almond milk for me and rush out of the door for the school run. As I own two businesses, Ology Kids Casting and Supernova Living my day is never the same and very busy and varied which I love. I’ll head into the office and either spend the day speaking the casting directors, producers or photographers booing children in for castings and shoots. For example yesterday lots of children worked on a big Burberry campaign, we booked children for the new David Walliams CBBC show, TV commercials, feature films and voice overs for Marks and Spencer’s, John Lewis and mini Boden to name a few. It’s none stop and the industry is so fast paced before I know it’s it’s 3pm. That’s what we designed Supernova for to keep busy women full for longer so you don’t snack on sugar filled rubbish that has such a negative effect on your body and mind. If I’m not working at Ology Kids Casting, I’ll be working on Supernova Living which can involve everything from meeting with journalists doing interviews, organising deliveries for stockists such a Planet Organic, looking at product development, heading to London or Manchester for meetings or events and always involves replying to a lot of emails! I try to be super productive so I can pick my children up from school and take them to an abundance of after school activities! I’ll sort dinner and bedtime then I always start working again around 8pm. I’ll work for a few hours and try to have at least 30 mins time to relax before bed and usually pop Headspace app on to calm my busy brain!

Do you have any favourite healthy cafes or restaurants in the North West?

I LOVE food, I’m a massive foodie so we do eat out a lot. We went to Australasia in Manchester last night which is a favourite of ours. If I’m working in the Northern Quarter which we do quite a lot, we head to Ezra and Gill for lunch and Evelyn’s for dinner. They offer really lovely healthy, vegan and gluten free options without feeling like a rabbit! We’re very luckily to live by Michelin Star Moor Hall and The Barn with chef Mark Birchall which is divine and does a vegan, gluten free menu. Harvey Nichols have just launched an amazing new vegan menu which is so handy if you’re in town. Leaf is a great relaxed vibe for Sunday brunch and Mowgli is perfect for healthy Indian street food. A lovely date night is 20 Stories in Manchester and we’re looking forward to The Ivy opening soon. The Garden in Hale is a great place to meet friends and eat wonderfully healthy delicious food, ask for the rainbow juice shots, it’s not on the menu but my kids (and I!) love it!!


What about food shopping – where do you pick up healthy ingredients?

I’m very lucky to live in the country surrounded by farmers, we have a rustic amazingly stocked organic farm shop 5/10 minutes from the house so I get lots from there for juicing and cooking. I generally get the rest of my shop from Waitrose online as it’s SO much easier getting it delivered than dragging two young children round the supermarket! We have Unicorn Grocery in Manchester which is brilliant and I get specialist products from Planet Organic online. I’m a big fan of Farmers Markets though and love nothing more than wandering around them with the kids on a Sunday. The only thing I find is that the majority aren’t organic which is frustrating.


If you’re going to a gym class, which studios or trainers to do visit?

I get very bored in the gym so I play tennis and go to amazing yoga classes at Studio One yoga in the North West. I couldn’t find a class that was challenging until I met Michelle who owns it and do try their yoga classes with a live DJ or the aerial yoga when I can. I also love Barrecore and used to do it when I lived in London. I love that there are now two studios in Alderley Edge and Hale which you will definitely ‘feel the burn’ from!! I like to make time to go to reformer Pilates now and again, my favourite is a studio at Stanley House with huge glass windows overlooking the countryside. I’m excited for the new Lululemon studio opening in Manchester City Centre too.

What are your go-to places for shopping?

I am a bit of an online shopper as I’m time poor!! But I do love perusing Harvey Nichols, Selfridges and Zara when I get time. I love Altringham Market on a Sunday for amazing food, vibes and artisan products with a gorgeous florist too. I generally prefer independent shops and boutiques for unique items from clothes to cups.


Where are your favourite places or go-to people when you need pampering?

I’m not the best person for this question I don’t think! I have a woman come to my house to do my hair and another who comes to my office to do my nails! I’m usually typing with one hand whilst she does them! Massages are a different thing…I love spas and massage. My favourite places are Stanley House, Hale Country Club, The Vincent in the North. Four hand massage or Thai massage are my favourite. We’re very lucky to have a far infra red sauna in our house so couple that with some body brushing and an Epsom salts bath and it’s a real treat and major detox which I love.

If someone was coming to stay in Manchester for the weekend, what would be your top tips of places to stay and things to see/do?

I’d suggest staying somewhere like King Street Townhouse, with its infinity pool and luxury cinema. I’d wander around the streets and head to the independant cafes in the Northern Quarter for brunch and I’d perhaps treat myself to a treatment or two at The Spa at the Midland or even better head to the Trafford Centre for a Holiday Skin FaceGym Workout in Selfridges and finish with dinner at Manchester House, Menagerie or 20 Stories.


And finally… what would you say to someone considering trying FACEGYM for the first time?

You will love it!! It’s like nothing you’ve experienced before as they use so many different techniques. You feel relaxed and rejuvenated afterwards and quite possibly look and feel several years younger!! You feel as though you’ve really done something positive for yourself which is always a great feeling.

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