Inge Theron

“I realised that to truly achieve a natural face lift one needs to look beyond the skin and work on the muscles and facial framing first”

FaceGym founder Inge Theron spent three years  writing for the Financial Times, visiting 57 spas, sweating through 32 types of fitness classes, experimenting with 25 anti-ageing treatments and enduring 15 detoxes which she documented in her column ‘Chronicles of a Spa Junkie’. When a face-lifting procedure left her house bound, Inge realised there must be a better way to age gracefully and channelled all the expensive and time-consuming research of the three years into a unique concept of her own: A non-invasive workout for the face!

the journey
Following a two-year study in face massage and muscle stimulation, I traversed the globe and worked with amazing doctors, gurus, facialists and fitness experts from Paris to Mexico to create FaceGym, a 30-minute signature workout for the face, consisting of warm up, cardio, sculpt and cool down, performed by trainers in the Face Gym studio enhanced with powerful non-invasive machines to lift, sculpt and tone your facial muscles.



I realised that to truly achieve a natural face lift one needs to look beyond the skin and work on the muscles and facial framing first – just like I did at Barry’s Bootcamp, Heartcore Pilates and countless yoga sessions. We don’t think twice about toning our muscles at the gym, why think differently about the face?

on wake up rituals
My mornings used to start with lemon and hot water and meditation – that was before I had my daughters and now it’s double espresso, feeding my toddler with one arm and juggling my baby in the other. I still try and meditate daily (no easy feat with two under two.)


on magical potions
I shop the world for the best beauty brands and products– there’s something quite magical about a hand-blended oil or cream created with care and passion. There’s a unique energy I feel reverberate every time I put in on which is what inspired me to create our  Make It Bar where our mixologists blend potent, all natural products customised for the individual. On the other extreme I’m also really excited about Doctor led brands and travel the globe looking for the most effective products and gadgets – and we’re looking to bring some amazing new products into the U.K. I’m always trying something new to add to our third party products at our studios and online, my current obsession is the serum by Royal Fern, I tend to be quite dry so this feels like a delicious comfort blanket for my skin.

I supplement all my skincare with the all natural but highly effective oils blended at our Open Beauty Lab

On eating yourself beautiful
Being The FT How to Spend It’s Spa Junkie for six years there’s not a diet or intolerance test I have not taken. I’ve fasted for weeks, chewed stale bread and tea, eaten only miso soup and strawberries, cut out foods and cut down on food groups for years only to discover that I never maintained the initial results and always fell off the wagon. I no longer abstain from anything.

However I do think sugar is a killer for your health and your looks so I try and moderate.

I have also switched my daily dairy milk to rice or almond and I juice every day, which I have found has had a hugely positive impact on my digestion. I supplement my diet with Vitamin C, Selenium, Zinc, Spirulina, and take Boost Me powder from GP Nutrition to supercharge my body with an extra burst of protein and powerful antioxidants.


On tightening and lifting
For advanced beauty tightening and lifting I get high on my own supply – FaceGym are the first to get the Clear Skin Laser in the UK and we have created Clean + Lift which knocks the socks off any other laser I’ve tried. I suffer from occasional hormonal-based acne and the clear skin device has cleared this up entirely and given me the confidence to go make-up free.

On relaxation
Obviously I go to the spa, I love heat and steam I think there is virtually no better way to relax and release. Transcendental Meditation is what keeps me sane and I attend Michael Miller’s classes at the London School of Meditation. I travel annually to Tulum for ten days to see Dr Bobby Klein and his team of 4th generation Inca healers at Yaan Wellness Energy Healing Spa. He combines spirituality with amazing yoga, hiking and temescal sessions that leave you truly transformed.