on the couch with...Ida May

Name: Ida May
Known For: Delivering killer classes and retreats around the world from London to Finland, Morocco and Africa.
Years in the industry: 10 years in the performing industry, 3 years in fitness & yoga.
Where to find her: Anywhere in East London, having scrambled eggs and a long black at Cream Shoreditch, training at Shoreditch House, 1Rebel or BLOK or at the airport ready for the next adventure!
Instagram: @idamayyy



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What got you into yoga?
Dance. I needed something that helped me to keep my body in the best possible condition when working as a dancer. Later I discovered this beautiful moving meditation in my yoga training which balances my hectic lifestyle in London.

What journey did you go on to become a teacher?
I’ve danced all my life and used to teach workshops in dance alongside my performing career.

I did my first ashtanga yoga session years ago in Finland. I moved to London and fell in love with the heat and Bikram. After years of yoga training I got the opportunity to become a teacher and was one of the first people to do the teacher training with Fierce Grace Hot Yoga.

I now mainly teach dynamic vinyasa flow as I love a strong flow, freedom to move and explore, and the use of breath! My dance and fitness background have inspired me to create my own yoga method, Fit Flow, which I currently teach at the events, retreats and exclusively at Shoreditch House.

My friend asked me if I wanted to start teaching at the studios he was teaching and of course I said yes!

Something pretty exciting is in the making !! Stay tuned.. Thanks 4 having me @lindsaykjessup @myyogalondon !! #BTS shooting #yoga

Something pretty exciting is in the making !! Stay tuned.. Thanks 4 having me @lindsaykjessup @myyogalondon !! #BTS shooting #yoga

What are the benefits of yoga?
It keeps your mind and body fresh, young, wild and free! Releases tension, develops strength, nurtures the emotions and massages the whole body from the inside out!

Biggest life achievement?
Dancing at the London Olympics, being the face on the billboards for a global campaign, getting into acting school, taking a two week holiday to LA.

What did you want to be when you were younger?
I’ve always loved performing.

Dream it, wish it and just do it. Never, ever stop.

#EastLondon there's a new kid on the BLOK @bloklondon !! You chkd this studio out yet?! You better. ??

#EastLondon there’s a new kid on the BLOK @bloklondon !! You checked out this studio out yet?! You better. ??

How do you take care of yourself?
Eat, sleep, train and travel! I go and see art, film, theatre, and the ocean!

What advice would you give to people getting started with yoga?
Patience is key. Enjoy the journey. Every second, every breath. No judgment. Be in the moment.

Best massage you’ve ever had?
Leo Sharma is my number one osteo/masseuse to go to! 4 years of solid treatments whether I’ve been injured or not. I cannot recommend enough.

Secret beauty tip?

Detox with…
Strong flow and green juice. More earthy the better!

Retox with…
Shot of tequila! Or a sunny Aperol Spritz.

Favourite workout?
I love to mix it up. Reshape, MMA/Boxing and Yoga in any which way.

Facegym workout?
Can’t wait to get my Yoga Face on!

Favourite workout gear?
I love Y-3!!


Can't wait to get my Yoga Face on!

Can’t wait to get my Yoga Face on!










Best summer holiday destination?
Somewhere new and magical. I’ll be in Jordan next week! Dreamy. Fancy joining me there for a retreat in October?!

Alternate career?
Is there one?

Do what ever makes you feel good.

I’m grateful to have a few special people around me that I have learned a lot from. Simon Fredrick, to name one, a director/photographer – very wise words.