on the couch withElle Macpherson

Name: Elle Macpherson
Known For: Body and Brains and starting her own wellness company WelleCo at 51
Where to Find Her: Miami
Years in the Industry: 35 years!
Instagram: @ellemacphersonofficial @superelixir




never-fail beauty tip 
My daily SUPER ELIXIR Alkalising Greens to boost nutrition and ensure my body is in healthy alkaline range, 2-3L of water a day, sleep is so important and a DIY FaceGym massage.

favorite FaceGym product?

Royal Fern serum  BUY NOW

facecamp workout?
After travelling a lot for work, I would opt for the Winter Face to ensure my eyes are clear and my skin is nourished. No one likes dull or lacklustre skin. 

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favorite activewear?
Adidas by Stella McCartney. Fit, colours, fabric – winning combination. I love her ethical stance with manufacturing and materials and she also makes great trainers. Nike is a staple, too. 

what are you usually doing in activewear?

Any kind of sport – I like to mix it up. I make exercise part of my everyday life. I have a much simpler and gentler routine now I prefer not to go to the gym;

Instead, I make sure I find at least 45 minutes in my day, usually for a sport outdoors, which is easy in Miami.

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Beach or adventure holiday? Both!


I love to paddle board, surf, swim or waterski. I also love to hike or bike. I am more likely to stick to something I love and that fits into my life. 

what’s on your playlist?
My 18 year-old son takes over our tunes. He has amazing remixes, but don’t ask me the names!

coffee or matcha?
Coffee, love my espresso in the morning but I try to keep it to one a day and swap for a SUPER ELIXIR Nourishing Protein shake  – we have a beautiful new Australian Vanilla coming and it’s as delicious as the Peruvian Cacao one I love. 

the first thing I notice when meeting someone…
Their smile.


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Grace Belgravia














dream holiday destination
Bahama’s with my family. 

beach or adventure holiday?

best london health spot?
Grace Belgravia – an all-womens club with an holistic approach. 

life mantra
True blue – it’s an Australian thing that means no BS.

Maya Angelou, Dianne Von Furstenberg and Livia Firth – all amazing, bright and inspiring women who have achieved great things.