Case Study: Clean + Lift


We caught up with FaceGym customer Becci, who tried a course of 6 Clean + Lift workouts.


Tell us what you do for a living:

I’m a doctor. I specialise in Intensive Care Medicine at Guy’s and St Thomas’s.

And what do you do when you’re not saving lives?

Work keeps me pretty busy I like spend my time catching up with friends discovering new bars and restaurants around London. I like to keep fit cycling and I am currently training for my first triathlon.

How do you feel your work/life routine impacts your skin?

I work a lot of shifts which are 13 hrs long, as well as nights. I find my skin is more prone to breakouts when I have done a run of night shifts, am tried and run down or I am stressed out. It also affected a lot by hormones. If I have been working a lot I can guarantee that I will have new breakouts! Some weeks they are out of control – when I have only just resolved by the time it all happens again, which makes me feel like I am in a constant cycle but never making much improvement.

What treatments and products have you tried in the past?

I have always tried out lots of different products and treatments to improve my skin as I often feel quite conscious about my break outs. I have regular facials and have tried microdermabrasion but have never seen a visible improvement. I’ve also never committed to a course of treatments before.

How are you enjoying your workouts? Are you able to fit them in in your busy schedule?

As they’re only 30 minutes I have been able to fit them in around my shifts. I’ve also found them super relaxing and enjoyed the down time!

Have you noticed any improvements in your skin so far?

I have noticed a huge difference in my skin! And so have other people. After the first couple I didn’t see a visible difference, but after the 3rd session I started to see a huge improvement. I still get breakouts but they are much smaller and the disappear so much quicker! My skin also looks brighter and healthier.

I’m now seeing the effects of the lifting and tightening element, it’s particularly noticeable in my forehead. I think it looks brighter, healthier and more radiant.

It’s given me more confidence in not wearing makeup or at least a lot less foundation. My skin also feels a lot smoother and fuller which has made a massive impact on when I am putting makeup on, it appears to sit better on my skin.

The biggest difference is comments from other people!  I have comments such as: “ Your skin looks amazing” “ You look fabulous and so healthy’  “What makeup are you wearing, your skin looks amazing”” “Have you done something different, you look fantastic” I’ve never had compliments on my skin before!


What would you say to anyone considering a clean + lift course?

It is a treatment which I have 100% seen a difference with! However I would recommend taking a course as I started to see real, visible improvements following the 3rd treatment. I haven’t changed my skin regime or my lifestyle during this course, but definitely seen lots of changes in my skin and complexion!







Deep clean, tighten, lift, eliminate blemishes AND fight future breakouts and congestion. It kills 99% of bacteria whilst combating the harmful effects of pollution on your skin.



This dual action Workout uses our Clear Skin Laser to deep clean and Near Infrared Technology to tighten and plump with no pain and zero down-time.



One 30 minute session delivers powerful skin clearing and tightening benefits. A course of 3-6 workouts at 7-10 day intervals is optimum to see cumulative improvements in skin clarity and tone.


CLEAN + LIFT is £75 / 30 min and available at our Selfridges London Studio




Disclaimer: Becci was offered 6 complementary workouts in return for sharing photographs and feedback from her experience with FaceGym.