The Perfect Skin Care Gifts For All Skin Types

Looking for the perfect pick me up for yourself or a loved one this Winter?

Give the gift of beautifully hydrated, toned and glowing skin with our high-performance skincare suitable for every skin type. We’ve shrunk our must-have products into the ultimate miniature heroes perfectly sized to stuff inside any bag or draw whether you're on the go or looking for a bit of TLC at home. The bottles may be mini, but they pack maximum results, lasting long beyond the Winter season. From parched Winter skin through to oil overload and everything in between, with our powerful personal trainers in a bottle, we have your skin dilemmas sorted. 


If you’re prone to breaking out, it can be a struggle to find the right products that will both combat and calm. With FaceGym's Electro-Lite Gel Cleanser, you can say goodbye to blemishes and hello to a brighter, clearer complexion. Formulated at a non-stripping pH level of 5.5 and packed with a powerful combination of red clover extract, magnesium and calcium electrolytes, our cleanser helps to drastically minimise the appearance of pores and regulate oil production, without aggravating your skin. Use twice daily for best results and follow with our calming and consciously-created Supreme Restructure Firming Moisturiser.  


If your forehead is tight and dry but your T-Zone is shiny and oily, then you’re probably feeling completely confused when searching for your ideal skincare routine. Our Electro-Lite Gel Cleanser and Hydro-Bound Daily Serum make the perfect partners that will gently cleanse and remove excess oil, whilst combating hydration and delivering bouncier, more radiant skin. For an extra workout, team up with our Hyaluronic Roller for a skin-plumping bootcamp.  


As the weather gets colder, it’s common for our skin to become dry, flaky and irritated. But, thanks to ourYouth Reformer Serum, your skin can breathe a comforting sigh of relief this winter! This highly potent oil-in-serum with a Patchouli and Palo Santo blend soothes and calms stressed, tired skin, helps to reduce redness and deeply hydrates as well as strengthens the skin barrier. Lock in moisture and improve protection with our collagen boosting Supreme Restructure Firming Moisturiser, suitable for even the most sensitive skin. 


‘Tis the season of drinking, eating and not getting enough sleep which can lead to water retention and puffy skin, not to mention, a build-up of tension held in our facial muscles, which can actually lead our face shape to change and cause injury (TMJ anyone?). Enter our multi-tasking skincare tools. Our Face Ball is amazing for aiding lymphatic drainage, as well as releasing tension, particularly around the brows, along the jawline and down the neck. Our ball is used on dry skin for extra grip and is the perfect companion for a night in watching ‘The Holiday’. Sit, snack and roll - there are no excuses! For extra lymphatic drainage and serious sculpting, pair with our best-selling Multi-Sculpt to increase blood flow, define contours and reduce the appearance of crows feet.

Put our skincare to the test this Winter with our Signature Skin Mini Kit or treat yourself to our tools with the perfect starter kit - our Core Tool Kit.



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