It’s not a facial. It’s a workout.


“It’s like a mini, temporary face lift.”



Following years of invasive treatments, FaceGym Founder Inge Theron set out to create an affordable, effective alternative. Combining her studies of face massage and muscle stimulation with insight from a global network of wellness experts she created FaceGym – a non invasive workout targeting the forgotten 40 muscles of the face.


Forget what you know about facials. From warm up to cardio, sculpting to cool down, we combine our signature muscle manipulation techniques with hi-tech tools to lift, sculpt, tone and tighten.


Whether you’re looking for a total transformation or need quick lunchtime fix, our menu of Face Workouts is tailored to meet your needs and your schedule.

Our expert team of Face Trainers are on hand to design your perfect facial fitness routine. Try a best-seller or go bespoke by combining a Booster with any workout – add SKIN IV™ for deep cleaning, Cryo Oxygen for a blast of hydration, or Radio Frequency for total tightening and radiance.

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“There aren’t many facials I would go back to again and again but FaceGym is certainly one of them.” – Evening Standard

“I can now say that I am a complete convert. My cheekbones were more defined, my skin certainly felt healthier with no post-treatment redness and my face still felt lifted when I woke up the next day.” – Trinny Woodall

“It’s a great pre-party fix if you want your complexion to look its best” – Marie Claire  

“My cheekbones were noticeably higher and sharper after the treatment, and my double chin was seemingly slapped away.” – Grazia 

“Afterwards, I feel relaxed all over – and my face looks terrific. My lower cheeks don’t sag, my eyes are more open, my brows a fraction lifted.” – Daily Mail 

“The effects are clear after one session. My skin looked flushed, dewy and healthy and my cheekbones more prominent.” – Harper’s Bazaar 

“It sounds intense, and it is, but the results are immediate.” – Vanity Fair 

“I would definitely recommend FaceGym for a treatment to try prior to a big event or party – you can see the difference in your face immediately. It’s like a mini, temporary face lift.” – Glamour 

“When you’re handed the mirror to assess the results, the therapist’s hard work and your mild embarrassment becomes worthwhile – under-eye bags are minimised, cheekbones emphasised and skin left glowing.” – Vogue 

“Half an hour later, over 40 facial muscles worked out, you won’t recognise your complexion, which is brighter and tighter-looking. Book a course and you won’t look back.” – Tatler 

“I loved how I looked immediately after and well into that week: Dew-drenched! Smooth! Sculpted! It was as if my face had been not just exercised but exorcised.” GOOP

Click here to book online, or visit your nearest Studio to find out more. Follow us on Instagram to watch our workouts in action!